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Electricity & Electric circuit Simulation on Thinkercad

Learn basics of Current electricity, Electrical circuits and it's simulation on Thinkercad software
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In part 1 you will learn some basic concepts of current electricity like current, voltage, resistor, etc along with introduction to Thinkercad software.
In part 2 you will learn different techniques to solve complex circuits along with simulation of that circuits on the thinkercad software
Network Theory concepts (Mesh, super-mesh, Nodal analysis, Voltage and current divider techniques, Thevenin's and Norton's theorem)
Simulation of different circuits on Thinkercad software
You will learn to operate voltmeter, ammeter and multimeter
You will learn how to measure voltage and current of any circuit and resistance of any resistor
You will learn how to generate different ac signals like Sine wave, Square wave and Triangular wave
You will be able to convert any complex circuit into it's simple form

I had divided this course into two parts. In the first part, you will be learning some basic concepts of current electricity in great depth and an introduction to thinkercad software. After completing 1st part you will start 2nd part and in that, you will be learning the complex circuitry and its simulation on the thinkercad software. I will not only teach you the traditional methods to solve the complex circuitry but at the same time, I will also provide you some shortcut tricks which help you to solve that circuit quickly.

Part-1:- Current Electricity and introduction to the Thinkercad software

1) Difference between conductors and insulators

2) What is a current?

3) What is a resistor and how to find its value?

4) What is Voltage?

5) What is power and how we can calculate it?

6) Difference between Ac and Dc Circuits?

7) Ohm’s Law with experiment

8) Series and Parallel circuits + Numericals

After lecture 7th you will be introduced to the thinkercad software.

Part-2:- Electrical Circuits and its simulation in Thinkercad software

1) What are nodes meshes and loops?

2) KVL and KCL rule

3) Mesh analysis

4) Supermesh analysis

5) Nodal analysis

6) Voltage and Current divider rule

7) Thevenin’s Law

8) Norton’s Law

Simulation on Thinkercad Software

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